Earth Day 2019 in Lithuania - Protect Our Species. For Earth Day we decided to think about the Baltic Sea preservation. We visited cities Klaipeda and Nida which are situated on the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Spit costs. We participated in activities. We looked for similarities and differences between sea and lagoon water. We found out who live at the bottom of the sea and the lagoon. We have observed and studied the ecosystems of the Curonian Spit and the Baltic Sea. We have identified species: molluscs, algae, fish, mammals and birds, and looked at their similarities and differences. We learned how to recognize the real amber. We got to know the characteristics of sea and lagoon waters. The sea must be known and we must learn how to live with it. The pupils encrypted the messages, knotted the sea knots, learned to dress up the life vests and “tried” to return home safely.